Pristine Grace

Who is to Preach?
by Scott Price
Who is to Preach?

    Many people claim that only a person that is "called" to preach has the authority or ability to do so, and in saying this most fail to back this up with scripture. Many think one must be a pastor, elder, or bishop to preach (some add deacon to the list). Some think a preacher should have a degree from a seminary in order to preach. This list goes on concerning what a preacher must be before they can preach. Let's look at a few simple things about preaching and preachers.

    First, what does the word preach mean? In the Bible there are a few Greek words that are translated to the English word preach. They mean to herald, proclaim, declare, publish, or announce good news. The specific good news the Bible speaks of in relation to preaching is the message of how God, by grace alone, saves ungodly sinners by a righteousness established for them in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ alone, without any contribution on the part of the sinner. In other words the message to be preached is called the gospel (that specific message). A person who preaches the gospel would obviously be considered a preacher.

    In the context of a local church setting any male who is able to clearly communicate the gospel and is allowed to by the leadership of the church, should preach. This person can rightfully be considered a preacher or minister. This might include those that are not elders, pastors, bishops, or deacons. This would not include women in the assembly of the church meeting because of the following texts (I Corth 14:34-35 & I Tim 2:11-12).

    Outside the context of a local church meeting, any and all of God's people are to preach (evangelize) and teach anyone that God brings into their path and gives them opportunity to minister to. In this sense all His people are preachers and all are part of the ministry as an extension of the church membership in action. If the members do not have this ability then they have not been properly equip by the church and need immediate attention.

    The church IS a "one man show", but not a what you might think. The one who is the head is the one God-Man Mediator, Christ Jesus the LORD and He is the true Reverend, the Good Shepherd, the Bishop of our souls.