Do you ever feel alone? Seemingly walking another direction from everyone else? Isolated? On your own?

    This is not uncommon for the Lord’s people. Sooner or later they will know what it is to walk this path – to be alone. The One they follow, and the Message they bring, is not welcome here, nor is it wanted. As with their Master they will find that others treat them with reserve and distance themselves from them. The world, friends, and even family, misunderstand, misrepresent and misjudge. The gospel of God’s grace is no more welcome today than it was when Christ sent forth His twelve disciples to preach it in their day and generation. The natural man receives not the things of God – he opposes them, rejects them, despises them and closes his ears to them.

    It is understandable then, that in the face of such natural opposition, from so many, that the child of God can feel isolated – alone. Like a faint, flickering candle in a very dark room. Yet, whatever the outward appearance, the reality is so different. For I tell you, that however he may feel, the child of God, in Christ, is never, never, alone! Whatever the opposition of men around him, whatever the disinterest, whatever the disdain, he walks with a Companion so close, so true, so faithful, so trustworthy, so near, and in such a union, that the world could never understand! Christ has said unto His own “I will never leave you, nor forsake you” – and He never does! Indeed, the very cause that sets the believer apart from others, that makes him feel alone, is the very same thing that ensures that the believer, unlike any other, is never, ever, truly alone! He has – unlike the wicked who perish – the “one thing needful”… Christ and Him alone.

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