The Old and New Man

    In Romans chapter 7 we have two natures identified which are in every believer. One is called “sin that dwelleth in me”, the other is described as wanting to do good, and as not having done the evil that the other does (7:20). One is said to serve the law of God, and the other, the law of sin. Here they are called flesh and spirit. Those who walk after the Spirit are not sinless, because they are still flesh also. But neither does sin have dominion over them, because, by God’s grace and the work of Christ for and in them, they are spirit. Our flesh is still just as wicked as ever it was and always shall be. It never improves. Those who deny the existence of the new nature are forced to attribute worship, love for God, faith and all other graces to an improved flesh, an influenced flesh, but this is just an example of one error leading to another. We are still flesh, and with that flesh we still serve the law of sin (7:25), and we always will, but thank God, we walk after the Spirit. We do love God, though, because of the flesh, we do not yet love Him as He is worthy to be loved. We worship God, yet, the flesh hinders us in it. We believe while being forced to cry, “Help thou mine unbelief”. We acknowledge our sin, by His grace, but we also praise Him who hath made us free insomuch that we do believe on Him, and “He that believeth on him is not condemned ...” (John 3:18). No condemnation. Hallelujah!

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