I Can't Mess It Up!

    A dear friend was talking about how blessed the gospel of Christ's grace was.  I can't remember all the details we talked about.  I suppose we talked about electing love and redeeming grace and how the Lord in tender mercy called us out of darkness with a call we could not resist, and has kept us till that very day, and refused to let us go.  When saints get to talking about spiritual things they often talk about such subjects as these.  When our discussion was almost over, my dear friend put the icing on the cake, as it were.  "And the best thing about this gospel," he said, "I can't mess it up!"  Jesus has finished the work, it is already done, so, "I can't mess it up."  I am in Christ accepted and complete, and sealed unto the day of redemption; in Christ now and in Christ forever so, "I can't mess it up."  I feel like I have messed up everything else but, thanks be unto God I can't mess this up.  I can't mess this up.  It is un-messed-up-able.

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