Glorifying the Lord

     Jehovah is glorified actively, when we give to Him the glory that is due to His holy name.  God is said to be glorified when we honor Him in His Word, His attributes, His perfections and in all His dispensations, both in nature, providence and grace.  “Whoso offereth me praise, saith Jehovah, he glorifieth me” (Psalm 50:23).  We may be said to glorify God when we give Him the credit due to God in believing Him, and especially in that record He hath given of His dear Son.  In this view of giving glory to God is included all that self-abasement becoming poor lost creatures, and ascribing the whole of redemption to sovereign, free and unmerited grace.  In short, in every way, and by every means, we may be said to glorify Jehovah when Christ, as the Christ of God, is exalted as the only Savior of a lost world; and the soul lies low at the footstool of the throne of grace, ascribing salvation only to God and the Lamb.  This is to glorify God actively.

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