True Colors

    It has been said that you'll never know someones true colors until something bad happens. Perhaps, but what's really going on there?

    My true colors are many times as much a surprise to me as they are to you. When life falls apart and so do I, something gets unveiled in me, I get to know things about myself that I sometimes wish I didn't know. So do you.

    Imagine if I were to face everything you could throw at me and still never lost it, blew it or messed up in any way.

    That's my substitute Jesus. He is the righteousness of God. His life and His ministry are what it looks like to be tested in all ways and never miss the mark. He has integrity. He was at all times the same person that He was at any other time.

    He was the only one whose true colors were perfect in every way. His life bore witness that He was indeed who He said He was.

    All the rest of us are in some way frauds, posers and fakers. And trouble and temptation expose our true colors. It is on that day that we need our Substitute who is holy, harmless and undefiled.

    He stands in for us posers, He represents us before God. He is our integrity, our righteousness. We can't get it anywhere else.

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