Marriage Tip

    When our marriages get in real trouble one of our enemy's favorite lies is to make us question getting married in the first place. Here's what it sounds like...

    We were too young, we didn't know what we were doing... We've changed and grown in different directions... or the biggie, We've fallen out of love. They all say the same thing: If we had to choose over, we wouldn't choose one another. We're not compatible, we're not a fit.

    So what do we do? Well, logically there is no solution except to trade her in for a different model.... but is that God's way?

    I'm glad that my wife isn't the same person I married and you can bet she's glad I'm not. I was a punk kid, insecure and full of it and she was a love hungry teenager waiting for a prince. We grew. We grew up! And we changed a lot. And when we did, she realized the prince wasn't me!

    However, and here's the key, Jesus had saved us. And he says that He is the one that fits us to one another, not us "getting it right' or 'choosing the right partner'. Jesus says He makes us one. He gives us a spouse who completes us. And he goes on to say, "What I have done, don't undo."

    What if every couple, instead of acting like the choosing was all theirs, really believed that God fitted them to their spouse, that because it was Him it was a perfect fit, even when our jean size changes. You think God didn't know you would grow and change?

    Grow together, lock the back door and throw away the key. God has made you one, 'joy that!

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