God Created Rebels

     Listen to BG and all the TV/radio preachers.  There is no sovereign Creator preached.  For example, BG's program sings, "God has the whole world in His hands; the little tiny baby, the sinner man, you and me brother, etc." then he closes the program with a freewill choice.  This is pure trashy lying double-talk!  "God is sovereign, only if you let Him,"  is the contradictory message.

     We are all like Adam and Eve by creation - Rebels.  God created rebels so that He will have mercy on His elect and damnation on the reprobates.  Do the dead, i.e., the spiritually dead, know that they are dead?  Eph. 2:1-3 & Eph 4:17-19?  Not until we know Jesus and are made alive, do we then look back and see our past dead estate, John 5:19-27.

     You believe what you can or what God gives you or what you call freewill choice.  But I believe, trust, and obey Jesus via the Bible.  AND that message is clear even though philosophers try to twist it, Mat. 24:22-28.

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