If God is not the Author of Sin, then Who Is?

Editor's Note:  We do not believe God is the "author of sin."  The Scriptures never use this phrase.  It was an invention of gnostic theologians.  God is the creator of all things - including sin.    Also, we do not believe the story from John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' that Satan was "Lucifer" that "fell" from heaven.  This is not scriptural.  Satan was made crooked from the beginning (Job 26:13).

     If God is not the author of sin, then who is?  Don't give me your Gnostic trash about Satan's so-called fall and rebellion.  YHWH made/created Satan evil to do God's decreed dirty work, John 8:44.  God uses Satan to do His will, Job 1-2.  Satan persecutes this evil rebellious world according to God's will and curse on the rebels.  In Gen. 50:20, God uses evil for His purpose and will.

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