If I Don’t Fit, So Be It

    My friends, my goal is not to make God look bad or even good, he is who he is. My goal is to worship and preach him as he has revealed himself, even if that means I have to put down my presuppositions, feelings, philosophy, and favorite writers and preachers. Even if it brings division and goes against popular consensus. My goal is not to please men or be popular, but as God gives grace and light, faithfully preach the word of God and to worship him for who he is and not what I make him to be. If I don't fit theological systems, so be it, they all are finite and errant. Let God be true, and every man a liar, let us trust his word alone and if the disciples go away and walk no more, then let it be so. To many are afraid to speak the things of God because of what it might cost. May God give us grace to be faithful to his word and gracious to those who oppose. 


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