Shouldn't We Condemn the Bad Guys?

“being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,” - Rom 3:24

    There are some who are pointing out who will and who won't "enter the Kingdom of God", implying of course that people unlike them won't, you know, the bad guys.

    Two things:

  1. All those verses condemn US ALL, not just some of us. There is no one righteous, no not one.
  2. Nothing unpure, unclean, bad, evil, naughty or even tainted with it or by it will ever by any means enter the Kingdom of God. Only spotless, pure, white as snow, holy, clean things will be there.

    So, back to point one, NONE OF US will be there for any reason at all, save one. And that one reason is if Someone, other than us, cleans us up and fits us for heaven. Enter that ONLY One.

    His name is Jesus. And HE (Jesus and only Jesus) JUSTIFIES (cleans up completely and the judge agrees) FREELY (no cost to you, you couldn't afford to clean yourself anyway) BY HIS GRACE (no help from you and based on nothing about you or in you simply because He loved and chose you in Christ according to His good pleasure) THROUGH THE REDEMPTION (because He died for your filth and unfitness and in so doing purchased you) that is in CHRIST JESUS.

    So, if you post verses about people who are fit for the Kingdom remember this: You are not. 

    And then this, unless Jesus fits you by dying for you. 

    And then this: And if he died for you, then He has fit you for heaven by His death for you NOT you fitting you for heaven by you behaving a little better than the guy down the street.

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