When All Hell Breaks Loose

    There are times when all hell breaks loose. My husband died, my wife left me, my kid got killed in a car wreck, I lost my job, or any number of things we experience.  And our world falls apart, our foundations get shaken to their core. 

    In those times we find out what we're made of, what we really believe, where our hope lies. Our hearts get exposed.

    My sister lived in a suburb of San Francisco when the big earthquake came (remember it? it was during a world series game). A bridge fell. That bridge had been driven on over the years with no incident but the earthquake exposed it. It exposed a fault in the foundation, and it fell.

    Our earthquakes will expose us too. If there is a fault in the foundation it will be revealed, trust me.  

    Paul said, "No one can lay a foundation other than the one that was laid, which is Jesus Christ."

    There is only one rock that will stabilize the house "when the rain falls, and the floods come and the winds blow and beat against the house". 

    His name is Jesus. He holds up in the earthquake. He holds up in the storm. He is the foundation that never cracks, the bridge that never falls.

    Build on Him.

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